works as the organizing principle and theme for next year’s FIRT/IFTR conference, which will take place in Barcelona from July 22nd to July 26th, 2013.

The title of the conference is a play on words that lays out three main directions for the conference. First, it calls for a consideration of the routes, the paths taken by performance, and the ways we have considered and studied performance so far. It also plays phonetically with the idea of roots (it could have also been Re-Rooting Performance), an invitation to explore and re-examine the origins of performance and even the origin and limits of our own field of enquiry. Thirdly, it plays with the idea of the router, a technological device that drives and directs the zillions of gigabytes of information that make the internet a virtual web of performance practices, a rich environment that challenges the limits of the theatrical and performance arts. It is of course preceded by the all-powerful Re-, a particle that forces us to think anew with open minds. It ends with the title of the conference in Catalan, one of the four official languages of Spain, a language that drives the culture of the beautiful city that hosts this year’s conference: Barcelona.

We invite you to check with more detail The Theme of the conference and the instructions in the Call For Papers that will guide you through the process of sending an abstract proposal.

Join the ride, and come along with us to Barcelona!

Conference Information:

Conference Organizers:
Boris Daussà-Pastor,
Mercè Saumell,

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