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Grec Festival of Barcelona

Offering professional shows during the summer months is concentrated in the Grec Festival of Barcelona, which hosts theater, dance, music, opera …

Although the festival takes place all over the city and also includes travelling shows, the Grec Festival of Barcelona revolves particularly around the slopes of Montjuïc, where a good number of the venues are located, and that is also the place where the head office of the Institut del Teatre is located.

The festival epicentre is the Teatre Grec. Built in 1929 for the Universal Exposition, this site takes its inspiration from the Green theatre at Epidaurus. The theatre, a symbol of the way this mountain has been restored to public use, is surrounded by magnificent gardens, including a rose garden planted just a few years ago.

It was at this site that, in 1976, the Grec Festival of Barcelona was born, and took its name from this theatre.

The programme for the 2013 Grec Festival of Barcelona will be posted on this site in spring 2013.

Tickets for the shows at the 2013 Grec Festival of Barcelona will go on sale in May 2013.