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works as the organizing principle and theme for next year’s FIRT/IFTR conference, which will take place in Barcelona from July 22nd to July 26th, 2013.

The title of the conference is a play on words that lays out three main directions for the conference. First, it calls for a consideration of the routes, the paths taken by performance, and the ways we have considered and studied performance so far. It also plays phonetically with the idea of roots (it could have also been Re-Rooting Performance), an invitation to explore and re-examine the origins of performance and even the origin and limits of our own field of enquiry. Thirdly, it plays with the idea of the router, a technological device that drives and directs the zillions of gigabytes of information that make the internet a virtual web of performance practices, a rich environment that challenges the limits of the theatrical and performance arts. It is of course preceded by the all-powerful Re-, a particle that forces us to think anew with open minds. It ends with the title of the conference in Catalan, one of the four official languages of Spain, a language that drives the culture of the beautiful city that hosts this year’s conference: Barcelona.

We invite you to check with more detail The Theme of the conference and the instructions in the Call For Papers that will guide you through the process of sending an abstract proposal.

Join the ride, and come along with us to Barcelona!

Conference Information:

Conference Organizers:
Boris Daussà-Pastor, borisdaussa@gmail.com
Mercè Saumell, saumellvm@institutdelteatre.cat

Latest News

Opening conference desk

The schedule of the reception desk of the congress is:

Sunday: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Monday top Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

organizers emergency phone

For any problem we leave you two phone numbers:

Organizers emergency phone: 686 620 281

Institut del Teatre: 932 273 900

Deadline 30th June

Only five days to buy reduced price tickets for Social Programme events. You can still go to:

July 22- Huellas (music performance)
July 23- 28 i mig (Fellini’s memories)
July 25- Farewell Party
July 26- Fuegos (text-based performance)

And also you can ask us for free tickets to Càpsula Scanner: Conversation with Àlex Ollé and Carlus Padrisa, La Fura dels Baus (July 24)

Register soon

We are currently finalizing the preliminary schedule of conference sessions. We hope we’ll have all the necessary information during this week. It is very important that you register as soon as possible so that we can have confirmation of your attendance. We only include in the conference programme the abstract and bio of registered, it is important you register soon if you want people to be aware of your abstract and attend your session.

Don’t forget the Social Programme!

Don’t forget the Social Programme!

There are the proposed excursions around Barcelona and Catalonia (to register directly with our provider, Viatges ASBREU IFTR, www.congressos.abreu.pt/iftr2013/) and also the different activities for the evenings of the Conference. Remember that the discounts end on 30th  June and some of these savings are 50% off!

Then you have the list of proposals to encourage you to fellowship:

July 22- Huellas (music performance)
July 23- 28 i mig (Fellini’s memories)
July 23- Dei Furbi (a reduced version of The Magic Flute)
July 23- Madama Butterfly (until 15th June)
July 24- Madama Butterfly (until 15th June)
July 24- El rei de la soledat (visual theatre)
July 24- Càpsula Scanner: Conversation with Àlex Ollé and Carlus Padrisa, La Fura dels Baus (free entrance)
July 25- Farewell Party
July 26- Fuegos (text-based performance)

You can do all the procurement process through the Social Porgramme section on our website www.firt2013barcelona.org/conference-programme/social-programme/

We are over 700!

With just a little over two months to the beginning of the conference there are over 700 people registered and we expect to exceed 800.

Tickets for social program activities are selling at a good pace. Right now there are two shows—La Flauta Màgica and El rei de la soledat—with fewer than 50 tickets left. The conference dinner/farewell party is also quite a hit.

Finally, we completed abstracts and bio revision for more than 560 people, to be published in the book of abstracts. We are only revising abstracts for publication for people who have completed registration for the conference.

Please register soon if you want to be included in the programme!  :-)

Registration: Problem solved

The issues with the CJO website have been resolved and it is now fully operational accross the globe. You can regsiter for the conference and Social Programme activities at http://journals.cambridge.org/iftr

Registration: Problems with Cambridge Journals site

There is a serious problem with the Cambridge Journals Online (CJO) website, that is affecting a number of regions worldwide, with users unable to access their site. This is affecting registration for the Conference and its Social Programme.

CJO is working to resolve this issue quickly, we are waiting for news from them to know when this issue is finally resolved. For any other inquiry related to the CJO webiste, you can email memberservices@cambridge.org

Conference social programme registration begins

On May 1st you will find in this website the full description of the outings and conference dinner. You need to purchase your tickets for these activities through the Cambridge Journals website, at the conference registration tab.

Every night there will be theatre, dance, or opera outings for FIRT/IFTR members, and a conference dinner-cocktail on Thursday July 25th.

Reminder registration discount

Remember that Tuesday, April 30th is the deadline for Conference reigstration at the “early bird” discounted price. Starting on May 1st, registration will be at its full regular price.

Check out conference registration prices and information here.